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Beegamax Creative is a digital marketing agency offering services in web design and development, online strategy, social media strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), corporate branding and communication. These are our core areas of expertise to assist our clients in growing their businesses.

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Foursquare and Social Media Article at The Jakarta Post

Have a read about our Founder and Creative Director’s quote regarding social media in marketing at The Jakarta Post :‘check-in’-or-not-‘check-in’-that’s-foursquare-question.html

Remember When We Were Kids

Being a kid is not just fun in any way, but that’s when there’s no limitation in dreaming and trying to do anything without hesitation. Many people said, being an entrepreneur is a risk. Yes it is definitely, but don’t hold back. If we want to think as a kid and break-up the limitation of […]

60 Creative Movie Posters

Every movies have posters for publicity and marketing purposes. I have came across many sites to collect these creative posters. Enjoy!

Millions of People are Talking. Are You Listening?

Every seconds, people is having their words out through discussion boards, blogs and social medias. They spend a few hours each day getting in touch with their friends, family or even strangers sharing some interesting topics. A lot of discussions are raised regarding products or brands they find interesting to talk about, either good or […]